TUOLI TL-15A Universal Bga Cpu Ic Glue Remove Fixture


Product Description

TuoLi TL-15A New Version Universal IC Glue Remove Fixture Double-Bearings Holder Motherboard Jig


  • To control width, simple and efficient
  • Anti-slip design, tin removal with no Swaying
  • Precise card slot
  • Fast positioning
  • Non-slip/ultra-thin buckle non-blocking knife
  • multi-application, it is more convenient for Squeegee removal glue removal and tin removal with noSwaying
  • Simple operation improves efficiency
  • Precise card slot / fast positioning
  • Adapt to different lC Sizemore flexible /More versatile
  • Completely solving the embarrassing situation that there is no clamp available for ultra-thin and ultra-small chips
  • Adjust the distance of the double nozzles freely to be left and right
  • The Thenon-slip rotation axis can be fixed on the left and right side To control width and clamping tightness of the fixture by Manual
  • Product size:206mm*159mm*26mm

Package includes:

  • 1 x TuoLi TL-15A New Version Fixture